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Anti Virus Protection Do Not Be a Fool

When you work with a computer, doesn't time flies? Let me guess, you're probably on your computer about two or three hours a day. Does that sound about right? Also, you may spend the majority of your day on a PC if you work on a computer at home or in some cramped cubicle. Now, I hope you're taking some basic precautions for all the time you spend typing, surfing, downloading, reading, and sending. The last thing you want after all is a Trojan horse or bad virus destroying your system. Yes this can be a headache and a half. Not only may it damage your work, but it can also destroy your entire hard drive.

That means all you have saved in the past; work, family photos, downloads, the whole shebang. There's no doubt you could do with some good anti virus protection. Last year I got hit hard. Not by some crazy shmoe in a smoky bar either. I mean at home in my own living room. That place where you think you are safe and comfortable every day.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cyberspace, security has gone out the window. Or sometimes it look that way. I was doing my daily web browsing. Just searching the net for one or two new desktops to grace my PC screen.

Then unexpectedly it happened. Just as I downloaded a horror flick wallpaper, my screen went fuzzy. What was the deal! I was sure I had great anti virus protection. How could I got hit all of a sudden by some random computer virus? Well, a good thing, my laptop was not the same. I shut it down and tried to restart, but it would not comply.

I decided to consult a specialist. He informed me that my system board was fried. OUCH.

This was going to be costly; I could tell. He could not tell me if it was a virus when I asked him. However, I was pretty sure it was that darn horror movie wallpaper I tried to download.

That's when it all started. 425 dollars later, I had a fixed computer. I went back online right away and downloaded the best free anti virus protection I was able to find.

I keep on updating once every two weeks or so. I hate that this is a never-ending story. Just as anti virus protection advances, the vicious viruses advance as well.

Who in God's name is making up this garbage and don't they have something else to do? Take my advice; your PC or Mac is at stake, so stay recent with your anti virus protection.

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