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Jokes and Humor

We've got a great sense of humor here at Villain Supply, that's why the jokes and humor section on our site has top notch jokes from all your favorite joke categories. Go ahead and look around at our marvelous collection of jokes and humor, you'll be on the floor laughing in no time flat.

Blonde Jokes Our blonde jokes are second to none, no where do blondes get dissed so hard as at Villain Supply, oh yeah baby!
Redneck Jokes Yeee haaawww, redneck jokes always need to round out a good collection of jokes, rednecks are just so easy to joke about!
Yo Momma Hey, what you sayin' bout my momma, fool! Our Yo Momma jokes are just plain nasty, then again, so is yo momma!
Dirty Jokes Dirty jokes are everyone's favorite, that's why we've got so many of them. They really are down right dirty, just for you!
Political Jokes Damn those politicians, these jokes are just so true, they really are a bunch of bastards aren't they? Whooaa!
Lawyer Jokes Lawyers, wouldn't it be a wonderful world without them? You bet, and these jokes sure do reassure the notion that they are an awful spices.
Celebrity Jokes Geez those celebrity types get all the luck. We'll here's one place they get shot down big time. These celebrity jokes are just plain relentless!

Come back from time to time, we'll throw some more all time best jokes into our different categories, and maybe even add a few more popular categories to our site. So when you think jokes, think Villain Supply, of course! ;)