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Search Engine Optimization Articles

The Changing Face of Search Engine Optimization
by Bobby Heard

Abstract: With the ever evolving internet market for just about anything you can imagine and Google’s index growing to almost 9 billion pages, and counting, there is little dispute amongst search engine optimizers that our job is getting much harder. From linking to articles, and density to ontology, our industry changes as fast as any other. The search engines, especially Google, seem to be on a daily diet of change and their algorithm seems to be growing at the rate of their index. Read More

Would You Let A Dog Or A Butler Market Your Website?
by Michael Cheney

Abstract: The latest news to hit the Internet's 'water cooler' is that Lycos and Ask Jeeves are to begin their own SEO services. Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is any practice related to the end goal of improving your website’s positioning in the search engines. The brief history of SEO is that it first started out solely as the remit of the developers themselves. This was back in the day when one person designed, built, maintained, hosted and marketed a website. Read More

Google's New SEO Rules
by John Metzler

Abstract: Google has recently made some pretty significant changes in its ranking algorithm. The latest update, dubbed by Google forum users as "Allegra", has left some web sites in the dust and catapulted others to top positions. Major updates like this can happen a few times a year at Google, which is why picking the right search engine optimization company can be the difference between online success and failure. However, it becomes an increasingly difficult decision when SEO firms themselves are suffering from the Allegra update. Read More
What to Look for when Shopping for an SEO Specialist
by Joe Balestrino

Abstract: When, shopping for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company/specialist you need to be aware of a few things. If someone offers you fast results they may be pulling your leg. If you aren’t listed on search engines the average time to be index takes around 4 weeks. Someone offering submissions in less then that is coning you. Websites that are already listed and are just being updated will have a faster result.  Read More

To Pay or Not to Pay for Professional SEO Services
by Matthias V. Pupillo

Abstract: All websites need to be professionally search engine optimized (SEO). It is one of the most overlooked services even though it is one of the most needed and critical to a successful website. Without professional search engine optimization a website can not receive free search engine traffic. Another reason a web designer must select a professional seo company is because of the nature of search, an amateur can not keep up with all of the changes. Finally, the cost of professional search engine optimization is much less over the long run than marketing a website. All web site owners need to hire a professional search engine optimizer. Read More

Back to Basics in SEO
by Shawn Campbell

Abstract: There has been a lot of talk about Google and MSN's new algorithms and Yahoo's search engine changes. When these changes finally do occur, it is always important to remember the number one rule in SEO: DON'T PANIC! Read More

SEO for beginners
by Lee Rixon

Abstract: I had a learned marketing friend of mine comment that the information on SEO on our blog was ok for a propeller-head, but didn’t really help a business owner, so this article is intended to set the stage for information contained in the related articles. Read More

SEO and the Title Tag
by Dave Felts

Abstract: The Title Tag not only communicates the theme of your web page to the human visitors but is also considered very important by the Search Engine crawlers. The Title Tag is the most important of all Tags. Almost all crawler based search engines use the Title Tag to gather information about the page. Search engines use your Title Tag to evaluate the page's relevance to its content, inbound links, outbound links, alt tags, and a host of other factors. A carefully constructed Title Tag can have a large positive impact on your page's ranking with the search engines. Read More