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Google Is Home To Everyone

When the word Internet comes to your mind, the first thing you would think of is probably Google. This fast gained a reputation for being the best search engine on the Internet. Though this is the most popular feature that the company has, they power a lot of other sites. This would include sites such as email, community sites, blogs, affiliate marketing etc. There's a millions of users across the world, which use the facilities provided by Google. This will include a host of things as mentioned above, and their revenue comes from advertising.

All their services are offered for free including the email. They make billions of dollars through advertising alone. The owners of Google are almost on par with the richest individuals in the world, with shares that value up to several billions of dollars. Google was also the best thing that could happen with the Internet.

It is highly sophisticated in the search engine field, and throws up information that you could not find through other sites. Almost all of the services offered by this brand are very popular. The search engine tops the list, and right behind that is the email service.

You also have the maps, news and many more that are used by individuals daily across the world. There are a very large number of employees with the company, and it is situated in California. They began this because they wanted the entire world to have access to any kind of information that they wanted instantly.

The interesting thing about Google is that it was founded by two students from Stanford University in the year 1998. They had absolutely no idea it would become so popular. Though it began as a private limited company, it turned public in the year 2004. It is estimated to be around 25 billion dollars worth. It is spooky to learn that this project was initially based only for research. It was not even known as Google but as Back Rub, as they wanted to learn the use of the back links.

Google has many loyal users. This was a true story of rags to riches, as the company was initially incorporated in a garage. Later they had the reputation for buying the property of their offices for several millions of dollars.

Though the Internet is the main source of funds and area of interest, they are looking to expand in several areas.

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