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AXIGEN An Innovative Messaging Solution for Enterprises and Service Providers of All Sizes

Email is a vital communication channel for organizations of all sizes. Having a reliable and efficient messaging system can improve employees' productivity, reduce operating costs, and give any company an edge over its competition.

Evolving Market Needs
The number of messages exchanged between users continues to grow quickly.

It is projected to increase from about 156 messages/day per user in 2008 to about 233 messages/day per user in 2012. Such a quick increase in volume over the next few years will influence many companies to take a critical look at their solutions, even if they may be currently satisfied with their messaging systems.

However, it's not just the sheer volume of messages that makes organizations be selective about their messaging environments. Email is used to exchange sensitive information, and companies need to ensure that messages always get delivered safely and to the right party.

The strategic importance of email systems, combined with the growing volume of messages, presents a number of challenges for organizations.

Today, to efficiently manage its email communications, a typical organization will need the following capabilities: efficient message processing, security capabilities, collaboration features, access from anywhere and competitive pricing.

How and Why AXIGEN is a Better Fit for Changing Market Needs
AXIGEN offers a powerful, carrier-grade solution that can be easily managed by companies of all sizes, including smaller organizations. With a full set of advanced features and multiple customization options, its administration is simple and straightforward, allowing companies to quickly modify the solution to fit their needs using a minimum amount of human resources.

In a business environment where an increasing number of companies employ Internet based channels to promote global models, AXIGEN enables IT administrators at headquarters to delegate administration tasks and homogenously implement security policies worldwide.

Additionally, AXIGEN supports companies' efforts to adapt their range of services to different segments of customers with specific requirements, administering user categories through a powerful account class engine with multi-layered inheritance and exception management.

For the white paper in full, please visit: AXIGEN, An Innovative Messaging Solution for Enterprises and Service Providers of All Sizes

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