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Blogging for Business

A weblog or blog for short, is a news system that is frequently updated and provides information about a specific topic. Blogs generally represent the personality and concepts of the person or company who publishes them. The reason they are so important nowadays is because they are one of the most efficient ways to reach your public and offer relevant information about what your company does/offers. This same article you are reading is published as a blog and is one of the most important tools for our search engine optimization; with it we offer our current and potential clients information about what we do, and we develop our own culture and ideas about the use of the internet as a business tool. To see how a blog works and what others are doing simply search for the term of your interest followed by "blog". For example, "web design blog", "hotel blog", etc.

What does a blog offer your business? 1. Any business can benefit from a blog by creating and maintaining new, original and relevant information related to their industry. Most blog systems are easy to use for anyone without technical skills. 2. Your web site can create valuable links.

For search engines such as google.com, links directed to your web site and with good content are considered more valuable and give your page better placement. 3.

If your content is interesting for your audience, many people will link to your blog and your page, creating natural links to your content. This will generate even more traffic for you. 4. A blog positions you as an expert in your industry and a trusted source of information for people interested in your subject.

New clients will notice that you know your business and will entrust you with their business. 5. Your blog lets your content be stored and sorted historically, so you keep all your information at hand, and it can be searched by your users at any moment. How can you start? There are many blog systems. If you are just starting, I recommend opening an account at blogger.

com. This is a free service that will let you start easily and take the first steps. Once you've created your account, you can start publishing articles or thoughts. You will be surprised by the simplicity of it. Give yourself a goal of writing one article at least once a month. Remember, if you don't keep writing new content, the advantages a blog can give you will be lost.

If you want even more exposure for your blog, create an account at feedburner.com, which is free too. Feedburner lets you configure your blog so it can be read in different blog readers, plus it will index your articles in up to ten of the most popular blog distribution services. This will help you reach even more potential readers.

Once you've done this, place a link to your blog in your web site so your visitors can find it easily. Publish relevant information, news and comments about your industry and soon you will have more visitors, better position in the search engines and more clients thanks, all to your blog.

Founder and actual CEO, Ricardo d'Argence has been in the field for more than ten years. Alojate.com is now one of the biggest web hosting providers in Mexico.

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