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Cheap Methods To Drive Site Traffic

It is quite simple bringing traffic to your website when you understand the appropriate strategies. The two most popular and cheap inter-net marketing strategies are pay-per-click (PPC) search engines and Affiliate Programs. These strategies can bring hordes of traffic interested in buying products or services with minimum risk.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines PPC search engines are fairly simple. The website owner develops a set of keywords that people use to find you in the search engines and pay a premium to the search engine each time a visitor clicks on the link. It is important to the web site owner that their site obtains the top search engine rank to appear as the first slot.

Obtaining the highest rank is fairly simple in the PPC search engine mode. Find out how much the person who currently occupies the number one slot is paying per click, and outbid them by paying a penny more. The website owner pays as little as .001 per click for site traffic and earns their position in the search engine through bidding.

PPC possesses several benefits as a marketing strategy. Besides supplying customers with effective marketing, it is also cost-effective because you pay only when someone actually accesses your site. Moreover, with this method your listing gets posted quickly anywhere within a few hours or at the most, a few days. The website owner using the PPC method needs to pick the keywords cautiously.

Use specific keywords. Avoid being general or it may attract a lot of traffic uninterested in the website's products or services. This would push the costs of a PPC campaign too high.

Most importantly, calculate how much to bid on keywords. The website must still turn a profit after such expenses. Affiliate Programs An Affiliate Program is a no-risk partnership with a company, promoting that company's products on a website. In return, the affiliate earns a percentage of their sales. After signing up for an affiliate program, the affiliate is assigned a special "affiliate URL" that tracks all the visitors the affiliate sends to a company's web site and all the sales the affiliate generates.

The affiliate earns a commission each time someone the affiliate referred makes a purchase. The best way to motivate affiliates to promote a company's product or service is to pay those affiliates well for their efforts. Offer attractive commissions and additional incentives such as bonuses for a certain number of sales to push the affiliates to actively promote the website. Combine both the strategies mentioned above to develop an integrated marketing strategy. This yields even bigger profits.

An easy way to start an integrated marketing campaign is by encouraging affiliates to bid on keywords.

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