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ClicknSync Free online File Sharing Large File Transfer File and Data Storage Services

Houston, TX ?" 05 June 2008: ClicknSync, Division of VERTX SYSTEMS, LLC today announced the release a new version of the ClicknSync.com portal to help users leverage the most advanced online file transfer service. Large files transfer over the web without software installation using a configurable web portal.
Digital pictures, movies, music, scanned images, pdf files, exes ?" now you can send and receive large files via the web without the need to setup software and/or attach these files via e-mail.

No files are sent via e-mails, you can control who gets the links, how long they will stay active for downloads and how many time they can download the files.
Sure there are FTP solutions, but often they are complex, they can not be integrated with your own website for people to send you files. You need to manage user names and passwords, and then the hassle to manage the files. Now using ClicknSync.

com you can setup a FREE account and FREE trial 60 days trial. Additionally, check out the feature list, you can configure e-mails, notifications, recipient layout, time period to hold the file, etc.
Most e-mail attachments with large files end up either in spam filters and are blocked or does not go through because of limitations set by the e-mail administrators on the sender side and on the receiver??s side. Just making the attached e-mail for large files complicated and often does not produce the desired results. ClicknSync.

com portal uses compression and high bandwidth to transfer files securely as required.
Never send large files via the e-mail again. Do you want to accept large files ?" say you are a web designer or software developer or bank loan processor, graphics designer and need to accept files from or send files to your customers. Now using ClicknSync.com you can setup exactly what you need and look present a professional image to your customers.

ClicknSync.com not only allows your data to be sent via SSL (128 bit encryption) to the other party but you can decide to store this information on the ClicknSync.com portal encrypted so this data is always secure.
For additional information on ClicknSync, visit www.ClicknSync.com try our service.

Please report any bugs or errors, and our support team will service your request as required.
ABOUT ClicknSync.com, Division of VERTX SYSTEMS, LLC, is web services portal utilities division designed to support the need for large file transfers over the web.


About the Author (text)Anowar Shahjahan,CEO of Vertex System LLC.

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