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First Web Search Engine Optimization Index Ever Released Changes the Fundamentals of Competitive Search Ranking by Accounting for The Web Reality

Lance Young of Advanced Internet Solutions has released of the Keyword Competitive Index?, or KCI?, on May 17, 2008. The Keyword Competitive Index is the first major advancement in search engine optimization analysis in the last 10 years. Never has a competitive seo index been able to account for the depth and complexity of evaluating search ranking based on Web 2.

0 variables. The Keyword Competitive Index is an evaluation of a keywords based on which websites have achieved top 10 rankings. Since this can be evaluated for any site, they can be beaten with greater efficiency than ever before.

Likewise, a highly ranked site can evaluate its own KCI score and pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses easily. Lance bases his KCI on several fundamentals of Internet marketing that will help level the playing field for ALL marketers, big and small alike. The frustration of average Internet marketers will no longer be an issue with KCI analysis. Lance plainly says "I am giving the power BACK to the people!" and then backs it up with "My new index is the first web 2.

0 index for a web 2.0 world." Lance Young's Keyword Competitive Index removes the outdated "effectiveness" factor from keyword research. This unlocks powerful keywords and competitive opportunities that you wouldn't even think about under the current web 1.

0 tools available. Instead of effectiveness, the KCI looks at competitiveness across the Internet allowing you to use the big popular keywords for maximizing search ranking and ultimately free web site traffic. Through the years, Lance has watched as Internet marketers struggled to compete for the best keywords. He noticed that the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) hadn't changed in over 10 years and this spurred him to create his revolutionary Keyword Competitive Index.

Realizing that KEI was no longer relevant to a web 2.0 world, his Keyword Competitive Index mated Web 2.0 with keyword relevancy and competitiveness. The real truth is that, as Lance himself says, "The web changed, but the tools didn't". This led to the realization that older web 1.0 keyword tools were utterly useless in the current Internet marketing world.

This means that using web 1.0 tools in a web 2.0 world results in paying for bad information, wasted time, misuse of advertising funds and a LOT of missed opportunities. Imagine the power of your marketing campaigns if you could reach across the social formats like Myspace, YouTube, Facebook and Xanga.

This is the basis of a web 2.0 marketing strategy. In addition, the Keyword Competitive Index brings a keen awareness to the necessity of a planned, balanced site optimization strategy guided by the web 2.0 concept. No longer can a website rely solely on simple on-page optimization and link building. The KCI forces every site owner to approach search ranking from a well balanced approach of Web 2.

0 concepts. For these reasons, Lance has invented the Keyword Competitive Index. The truth is seen in testimonials like this one from KCI user Gerry Marsh of Muscle-Building-reviews.

com. He writes, "Lance, What a great tool! I thought I had been using the best tool available to search? but I was wrong. Your Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) is a giant leap forward in keyword research and is a must-have tool in the arsenal of every serious marketer. It opened my mind to potentially lucrative keywords and niches I had completely dismissed in the past." In the words of Lance Young, "You have a chance to know more than your competitors.

Knowledge is power. In fact, let me warn you, now that the word is getting out about the Keyword Competitive Index Course, you don't want a competitor using it against you. They can use the Keyword Competitive Index to neutralize and outperform your every movement in the web 2.

0 world of site optimization, link building, and ultimately search ranking.".

Lance Young is the owner of Advanced Internet Solutions and has been a web developer for the past thirteen years. He has worked as a web developer for dozens major international food brands as well as major universities. He is a renowned expert

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