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Getting started with online paid surveys

There are millions of ways of making money online in your spare time. A popular method is by participating in paid surveys, yes ? you can get paid for your opinion. Many companies have realised that the best and most efficient way of gathering market research is to ask the consumer directly. It does work out a lot cheaper in the long run and the company can tailor their product based on what the majority of people need, this will make it more successful. You can find many sites which will give you access to paid surveys so you don't have to spend time looking for the individual companies offering this service. Sometimes you may have to pay a fee upfront, make sure that they can provide what they say.

There are a few sites which will take payment and then not give you anything in return, you can avoid these sites by researching the company before you pay anything, check their testimonials to see how previous users found them. Once you have found a reputable company you are recommended that you make up a separate email address as you will get flooded with emails on a daily basis and it would be really awkward to find any personal emails amongst them. Another reason is so that you don't delete any survey emails by mistake thinking they were junk. Don't overwork yourself, although you will get sent the emails you don't have to complete them, the company will have no trouble filling the quota needed so concentrate on the higher paying ones first. Remember, it's a first come first serve so you have to be quick for the surveys that offer great payments and bonuses on completion. The companies that send you the surveys often have a profile page, be sure to fill this out as much as possible as this determines the type of surveys they send to you to ensure they are of interest to you.

When you get a survey sent you will have screening questions to prove that you are eligible in taking part. Don't lie at this stage and try to guess what they are looking for, more times then not you will get it wrong and you won't be able to take part in the survey. Be sure to keep record of the money owed so you can ensure you will get paid correctly, some companies work on points system where you can exchange them for prizes when you get to a certain amount.

Andy Tao
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