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Happy New Year to Official Google Blogr One Year and Counting

Get the view from inside at the top of the internet food chain! Google Blog(r) offers to share their insights on product technology news and the Google(r) culture itself. Apparently someone is interested, because they have generated well over 9 million page views in the one year in existence of the Google Blog(r). They are coming in droves from all over the world to find out the latest newest from this industry giant.

I remember 'back in the day' when there was a TV commercial about a certain stock investment firm - 'when XX Co. speaks, everyone listens'. Well, XX Co., we don't listen anymore - because there is a new kid on the block, and you have been replaced (sorry).

In the worldwide web of the internet, there is no other company that stimulates more conversation and speculation than Google(r). Even Microsoft's(r) latest news seems passe' by comparison here! So it stands to reason that Google Blog(r) would be a resounding success, just like every other product Google(r) comes out with. After all, at least for internet marketing, Google's(r) search engine is second to none, and holds our success or failure in its little 'hand'. Internet marketers hang on Google's(r) every word. They need to know what the strategy du jour is that they need to use to appease and attract the search engine 'god', what new tool Google has come out with, and what criteria is being demanded this month in order not to be 'sandboxed'. So what better place to keep up to date on Google(r) and all things internet, than Google Blog(r).

During the first year, they published 38 how-to tips, announced 77 new products and services, and addressed policy questions and legal matters 17 times. However, it looks like the public at large still has more varied interests. Google Blog's(r) bloggers report that the most popular posts they had in their first year include these three: A phenomenon called "Googlebombing", that was hilarious, by the way; their launching and introduction to their own email platform, Gmail(r); and about Google's(r) partnership with National Geographic, on the subject of Africa. In case you feel so inclined, although Google Blog(r) has featured a number of 'guest bloggers' this first year, there is still not currently "staff" to allow a facility for the public to have the option to post directly to the official blog.

People can however, post comments to individual blogs, just like any mere mortal's blog. For whatever it's worth, I don't believe this is much of a handicap, as I think you could become infamous even with just a comment to such a wide virtual audience! (Don't forget to sign your name) Googles official blogger application is, oddly enough, called Blogger (blogger.com); and it's free! So we can all start our own free blog,! I don't guarantee anyone will ever say 'when Fred Smith talks, we listen', but this might be the perfect opportunity to say all those things you have always wanted to say (expletives deleted, of course!), to start penning that book you have always wanted to publish, or advertise your business or hobby (free!).

There are even blogs that highlight the life and times of the proud parents of Eileen the Beagle, who has herself become a mom 24 times - and includes all the darling pictures to prove it! The World Wide Web is your oyster, and you can blog as you please.

Keith Londrie II is the Webmaster of http://www.about-google-info.info/ A website that specializes in providing tips on Google that you can research on the internet. Visit http://www.about-google-info.info/ now!

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