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Hosting website in your own city

Hosting a website is task we should not take carelessly, at least for you first website.

Topic is ? what is advantage of hosting a website in your own city or a near by location, please be clear I am not advising you to keep your server in your own office or residence if all you need a managed server space with hassle free quick service.

We should think of few points:

What is best advantage of hosting with a local company (in your own city)?

Accessibility to hosting service provider is easy you can knock our hosting company any time with much trouble and that will make very big scene once you need a real support or say you website is down!

You know people personally who they are what they are doing. Where is office of hosting company? How they operate and how is boss?

These are advantages but we must take care of basic points like price, service and support.

So if you feel your basic three points can be taken care by a local hosting company, I will suggest you nothing like it, just go for it.

For example; if you are in Delhi go for a company in Delhi and if you are in Bangalore go for a company in Bangalore.

We have few companies in Bangalore we can tell are doing great like Manashosting.com Net for domain and many others like Indian-SEO.com etc

What we see is manashosting is offering cheapest hosting space in world probably as they promise to provide unlimited server space with unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, 100 pop3 email ids of 10 GB each and 5000 templates!! Wow!!!!!

I am clean bold.

How that is possible, but once you talk with live sales support people you can get the details and you will get to know that, its true 100% true.

I am using that for one website and going to use for others too. So far there is no problem so it is recommended.

Now take others they offer good service like Indian-SEO.com and net for domain, but cost is high and Indian SEO is good for SEO huh!

Let's come o our main topic hosting with local companies, so if you find your local company provides all basic three features, 1st price, 2nd service and 3rd support go for it and don't go for a company, with no address information on contact page.

Because there are companies, talking big but they fear to display where they are. So take my word and get satisfied chat with some hosting service providers now. I can help you in finding them as well.

You are in Bangalore or Delhi contact www.


This article s written by a retired bank officer who is trying not to be a coach potato, I will reveal my name! Not now but after doing some more research on hosting companies.

Ad yes if you have to talk about anything related to hosing please write me back, I am open for it.

So my take is web hosting in Bangalore or Delhi mean manashosting.com.

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