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Imagine Making Dollars Within Month and Loving Every Minute of It Heres the Formula

What if I showed you how to pull out money from your website visitors pockets even if they decided to get all the information they wanted for free? I am sure you will get excited reading this information as this is the pan that will help you to dig gold online. Is this system illegal? Absolutely NOT. You are applying some creative marketing tactics to make your visitors purchase your products and services even if they refused to pull out their credit cards initially. Here's how to do it. The very first thing you need to do is understand the pshychology of an internet surfer and how the internet works in general.

When a visitor visits his favourite search engine to find some information, it is 99% sure that he wants that information for free. There are only 1% buyers who will surf internet with a credit card in their pocket and a willingness to buy something on the spot. Rest all others want things for free. Understanding this psychology of humans you need to cultivate your internet marketing strategy such that you can trap these surfers into a system where they appreciate and respect your knowledge and start trusting you as an expert in your niche. Once you have gained their trust, then you can just move them on your sales pitch and I bet they will grab your products and services to solve their problems. "You have to sell yourself to your visitors before you sell them your products and services" Read the above statement once again and sink it in your brain, it could be the difference of you making $0 right now and getting transformed into an internet millionaire after a few short years.

Here are the 2 steps you need to follow to make tons of money online. Step 1 - Gain Trust Of Your Website Visitors. The very first thing you need to do is gain trust of your website visitors by giving them valuable information they are hunting for absolutely FREE. You can do this by.

1. Creating a quality content rich site that provides valuable information in your niche absolutely FREE. 2.

Starting your own free weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. 3. Giving them free gifts such as an ebook, ecourse, report and then converting them into leads.

4. Helping them out trying to solve their problem. 5. By creating a rock-solid relationship with your subscribers. Once you do this.

1. They will respect you. 2. They will trust you. 3.

They will consider you as an expert in your niche. Once you've achieved this, you can move on to step 2. Step 2 - Drag Them to Your Salesletter. Once you gain their trust then make sure you present your offers and products in front of them through your. 1.

Newsletter. 2. Website. 3. Follow up ecourse, ebook, reports and your follow up system.

The trust that you have gained in step 1 will work powerfully and help you to sell your products and services. This will not only help you to improve your website conversion ratio but also help you to gain a database of people who will buy your recommended products every now and then. Make sure you apply this simple 2 step system and see your profits skyrocket. Sink this golden phrase into your mind, I will repeat it once again.

"You have to sell yourself to your visitors before you sell them your products and services".

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