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Instantly Improve the Impact of Your Text Through Editing

Some people can sit down and write effective sales copy as easily as you or I might write a shopping list. However, the majority of us have to work a little harder than that to come up with text that will be effective. The one thing that every single one of us has in common is the need for editing each time we write something. None of us are perfect and mistakes happen.

The whole purpose of basic editing is to simply correct those common errors. Why should you bother to edit your text? You edit because even simple errors can reduce your sales. Spelling, grammar and other types of mistakes can distract your readers and hurt your credibility. If your readers notice these errors, they may assume that you are equally sloppy in the way you provide your service or put together your product.

The really sad thing about losing sales because of these kinds of errors is the fact that they are so simple to fix. Let's look at the two most common writing errors that are made. Spelling - This is by far the most common, simplest and easiest error to find and correct. Certainly, if you use any of the popular word processing programs, like Microsoft Word, then you need only remember to run a spell check after you finish writing.

However, these spell checkers are not perfect. For instance, if you wrote, "He stood buy the river" when you ran a spell check it would not find any error in that sentence. The word "buy" is a real word, even though it is not appropriate in this sentence.

So, go back and read over carefully what you have written. Most likely you will be able to spot any errors the spell checker missed. Appropriate choice and use of words.

All of the words that you write must be clearly understood by your readers, or you will have wasted your time in composing the text on your site. For instance, the use of slang terms may not produce the response in your readers that you had intended. Some people (especially people in foreign countries) may not understand the slang word and thus it becomes a distraction.

Others might be offended by the term, in which case they will be less inclined to purchase from you. Also, when you are writing text for the web, especially sales letters, keep your wording simple and direct. It has been said that journalists write at the 6th grade level. They do this so that their writing will be understood by a greater number of people. The best thing to do here is write in brief sentences instead of complex ones.

Use simple, everyday words, not big words. Do not use technical terms unless you absolutely need to, and then be sure to include an explanation of each term. You've taken the time and effort to put together your sales letter and web pages. However, if your visitors are not reading your text, they are not likely to make any purchases. Using simple and focused text will get them interested and keep them reading.

The time you spend eliminating these common writing errors will pay off in sales and profits.

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