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New Age Bluetooth Marketing Software

Fidoli IT brings you the most happening of the Bluetooth Marketing product in recent years - The Fexmax. You can build your own advertising agency, sitting from the comfort of your home. Its cutting edge technology will let you to send unlimited SMS, multimedia messages, pictures, free games, ringtones, movie trailers, free coupons and other promotional offers for free from your PC. Of course you need a third party Bluetooth external dongle to use this tool. When you are equipped with all these requirements, there is no ending of your ad campaign. Send unlimited SMS and other stuff to your potential customer.

Even it does not warrant any other worker. You can use it in Banks, Shopping Malls, Cinemas, Real Estate business, Small Businesses, Night Clubs, Hotels, Private Hospitals, Car Rentals, Ticket Booking etc. You have your proximity marketing tool finally. The opportunity is boundless.

You can create your advertisement campaign and make a schedule of that. The program is so competent that it can send information accurately as per your pre-set program.

Its extremely easy to use interface will enable you to create custom ad campaigns. You can send SMS, multimedia message or ringtones. You can even combine them creating a work of art.

The custom setting will enable you to schedule your advertisement campaign.

You can program the software to send information on definite period of each day of week, different times in a day or as per your forthcoming promotional offers.

Fexmax searches the Bluetooth devices within its range automatically and lists them as per predefined category. You can track each and every device that you have sent your information. You can even monitor the receipt of the offer that is being sent. Fexmax detects the promos that are failed to be delivered. Make a detailed statistics of the success of your campaign using the in built statistics tool.

Create your custom campaign category - text based, multimedia based, ring tones based or other promotional offers based. You can send the promotional offer, your address, phone number, company website and custom message. Fexmax supports multiple languages also.

Fexmax uses a Bluetooth dongle. Most of the commercially available Bluetooth dongles are having a working range of 300 meters.

It means that you can cover 1800 sq meters from the point of your operation. This is one of the strongest point of Fexmax. You only need your own PC or notebook and insert an additional dongle. Thats it.

And you can bring it to any place where you want.

At present, Fexmax is operational in Windows based PC only (Mac users please excuse for the time being). It supports every version of Windows including Windows Vista.

This magnificent piece of equipment can be yours for very reasonable price per single license. For multi user license, the price will go down proportionately. Find out more about the pricing here.

Considering its individuality, price and performance my rating is 10 out of 10.

You can download the Free trial version of Fexmax.


About the Author (text)Quincy Thomson is a professional writer of software articles. As a marketing executive in his previous career, he has sound knowledge in multimedia software . Here he points out the advantages of a rare Bluetooth Marketing Product Fexmax (http://www.fexmax.com).

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