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Online Conversion Rate Tip to Increase Sales Today with Viral Word of Mouth Marketing

What keeps you up at night? It's a good question for you to ask yourself once in a while. For most eCommerce entrepreneurs one of the answers is the thought of revenue lost as potential customers abandon your web site without buying. That's 97.

4% or so of your visitors, according to the accepted industry average conversion rate. Are you confident that your site converts visitors into customers at the best rate possible? If so, you're probably getting a better night's sleep than most. If not, you're probably tossing and turning, thinking about ways to increase web site sales.

You might think you have already tried every little conversion rate optimization tip or trick. Do you have a strong "Call to Action" benefit? Have you ever tested different messaging with tools such as split A/B landing page optimization? The web is always changing. Unless you are sure that there is no room for improvement, its clearly time to consider how you can take your website to the next level to increase online sales with a value added promotional benefit. 1. Bait your prospects with the right cheese. Online shoppers are more sophisticated today.

You should assume that your prospects will evaluate three to four competitors before deciding to purchase. You need to stand out and provide the right bait to get your prospects to stop and buy at your site, rather than move on to a competitor. In some cases, merchants need to find a special kind of cheese that will get the mouse to click on certain shipping options or up-sells.

Getting creative in what bait you use is what will increase conversion rates if you know what type of cheese will make that mouse click. 2. Create a value-added offer. Sometimes you need to go beyond your product line to find a potential partner that could benefit from a cross promotion.

Some gift items can be presented as bonus offerings that would bring a high perceived added value, such as. Phone cards with a volume discount. Such an item could even be co-branded as a special value- added thank you gift.

3. Offer free gifts that create viral marketing buzz Think of a gift or promotional item that prospects will keep on them at all times such as inside their purse or wallet. Giving this item away is what creates the viral marketing buzz for increased "buzz", brand awareness, and ultimately more Internet sales. The example of a free co-branded phone card giveaway is a great way to get your customers to carry your brand at all times and increase repeat orders and referrals. Gifts like phone cards are especially effective because they are designed for repeated use. As a result, the customer will be exposed to your brand for the seven plus times experts say are necessary before a prospect is ready to convert to a sale or reorder.

It's also likely to more than carry its weight in referrals. 5. Create a personalized benefit Always look for ways to personalize your offer. Instead of "we" or" I". talk to the customer individually as "you". Make your prospects feel special, elite and make it personal in any way possible when giving away a value added benefit.

Personalize your gift when possible and find a partner with whom you could cross promote a co-branded personalized items. 6. Give away a high perceived value item: Offering something for FREE is always nice. But the word "free" can carry negative connotations. You always want to keep the perceived value of any gift or offer high. Example: Get a Free phone card with your order today Vs.

Receive a complimentary phone card worth more than 1 hour of free calling to the U.S. and many other countries as a personal thank you gift for your order today. Grab your prospects today, and give them an incentive to buy on your site. Now its time for you to find your special "cheese" that will get your prospect's mouse to click on your personalized high perceived-value benefit.

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