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Optimum Internet Marketing Services

Optimum7 is an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing is broadly defined as the marketing of products and services using online strategies and techniques to create awareness, visibility, easy access to information, and the necessary communication and utilities to actually transact business. The 2 major services Optimum7 provide our clients to execute effective Internet Marketing are: ? Search Engine Optimization ? Sponsored Search Management Search Engine Optimization (Optimum7 SEO) The design and launch of a website alone basically has a single marketing benefit; the presence of an online brochure that you can refer existing clients or previously-identified prospects to for further information as a resource.

In the absence of any further online marketing, the website can only be promoted through traditional means such as showing the url on your business cards and other literature as well as print ads, Radio & TV, public relations efforts, billboards, company vehicles, the phone book and word of mouth. Since adoption of the web as the "first and only stop" for buyers and suppliers has become the rule, the design and launch of a website is at best incomplete, and at worst, a total waste of time and money without an online marketing strategy. No matter how great you feel your website may look or appeal to the visitor, what value is it to the business if the site cannot be easily found online. How then can an online buyer actually find you? How do they find your competitors? The answer should be clear to all readers ? it is the search engines. Google, MSN, Yahoo are the 3 largest search engines providing almost 97% of billions of daily searches on the internet.

Clearly, this is where you want to be if you want to achieve online business results. Optimum 7 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the service our clients benefit from to make their sites highly visible online to those searching for precisely the products and services offered. In the most simple terms, Optimum7 SEO is the process which transforms your website to effectively communicate your targeted keywords to the search engines. SEO and the Search Engines are all about RELEVANCE ? the higher the relevance, the higher the rank.

The search engines use hundreds of factors to rank sites based on relevance. However, there are two major factors, (1) Unique content that contains the correct representation of keywords and phrases and (2) the number of meaningful inbound links (aka backlinks) from outside your website pointing directly to relevant locations within your website. Optimum7 SEO Sub-Specialties are the individual specialties involved in the total SEO service are as described here. ? Client Consultation and Research ? we ask questions of our client to learn as much relevant information as possible regarding the business itself, the historical role of the website, the future objectives of the website and much more.

The client will provide our staff with the most important keyword phrases they wish to be ranked for. Often our clients will interview their trusted clients for input in this important area. Our SEO team begins by checking the current status of your website to determine the scope and nature of the internal structure as well as the existing content visible on the site itself.

We subsequently research for keywords to determine the search popularity of each keyword as well as the relative competitiveness of each keyword. We further research competitive sites currently ranking high for important keywords. This process results in a plan, a map of the processes and the inclusion of those within the team and their responsibilities. All together, a final execution plan and schedule are developed and shared with the client. ? On-Site Optimization ? the team reconfigures and reformulates the website to more effectively and optimally communicate to the search engines exactly what each page of your website is all about. This is the process of making your site search engine friendly or "spider friendly.

" This on-site process is that part involving the structure and components of the website, the code, meta tags, title tags, alt tags , etc. All of the things are clients leave to us to know and figure out because they are too busy running their business. ? New Content ? in baseball, you never have enough pitching.

Content is the pitching of SEO ? there is never enough. New Content is essential all of the time in SEO. Initially, and in its most basic sense, the new content, and we are talking about textual content, is using what is learned through the research process to rewrite and significantly add to the textual content to better tell the spiders about the site with the proper keyword emphasis. Along with all of the structural components of on-site optimization which serve as the delivery mechanism, the newly formulated content is the delivery product to the search engines as well as to the online visitor which after all becomes the most important party once they have found you. New Content is an ongoing process and is never complete.

Without this approach, consistency and long term results can never be achieved. While New Content is important within your site, it is equally, if not more important, outside of your site. ? Inbound Linking (Off-Site Optimization) ? this is the biggest "point-getter" and the biggest "difference-maker" in SEO. It is also the broadest area involving the greatest number of core-competencies, which we are proud to say, are well mastered at Optimum7.

New Content is again at the center here but in this ever ongoing process the placement of the content is outside the web. This can occur in blogs, online publishers including zines, and literally thousands of online distribution channels. The key here is the creation of new, relevant content that is unique (no plagiarism) with inbound links directly to complementary content on the website itself.

The search engine spiders will tally points based on the number of quality inbound links. If you think about this, it should make sense that search engines will rate active websites with relevant material directed internally to your website. The reason it's an ongoing process is simple ? it's a very competitive world out there.

All of a sudden the internet reflects the physical world! ? Submissions ? Optimum7 carefully submits all of your web pages to the search engines, online directories as well as other relevant indexing sites to further promote your website by increasing the link popularity of your web pages. Another part of the ongoing process is reflected in submissions ? simply, as new content is added to the website itself, this changes the structure and site map ? the site map is critical to the spiders for proper rank and evaluation. So the site map is resubmitted when there is a site or structural change. This insures that Google is up to date and your site is getting the ranking it deserves.

? Social Bookmarking ? this is a relatively new and important factor in our ability to achieve top rankings for our clients. Social Bookmarking is oft associated with the "Web 2.0" phenomenon. The Google Spiders have increased the significance of social bookmarking in ranking web pages. Social Bookmarking is the online indexing of the bookmarks or the favorites that people submit and store online. The technology allows members to access their bookmarks from any online source and to receive updates, feeds as it relates to their specific areas of interest.

The spiders use this to measure of website popularity because real human beings are inputting the bookmarking settings. Bookmarks and people are very significant for Google. Where does Optimum7 come in on this? By including direct access to these Social Bookmarking sites on the very pages of our clients' sites, visitors can bookmark the site and submit their bookmarks to sites such as Digg, de.lic.

io.us, etc. This increases site popularity and scores points for web page. ? Monitoring and Reporting ? Of course, tracking the results is critical in the management of the process.

Here we learn of the effects of our process and make adjustments and employ various strategies based on the data generated. Optimum7 also provides our clients a secure login so that they don't have to wonder as to the present effectiveness of the program. The online login provides a real time window as the position of each keyword phrase as of the last scan (usually within the past 24 hours). It is actually through this feature that our clients gain a keen understanding of the importance of content and the obvious role it plays in scoring points with Google. Lastly on Optimum7 SEO I often hear from potential clients investigating SEO that an SEO company provides individual services like link-building.

For instance, it will be said that SEO company "ABC" will provide "150 inbound relevant links for $8,000." If this sounds like you, STOP IT! This is not the way to hire an SEO company. Who is to say that 150 inbound links is anywhere near enough? What if you get a good rank for a few weeks and then you vanish from the pages? Where is the value?.

Continue Reading the Article here Internet Marketing Services. Optimum7.com is an Internet Marketing Company with primary focus on Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME's). Optimum7.com offers a rich consultative approach that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn exactly what their problems and objectives are.

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