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Situations Where You Shouldnt Join The Latest Private Label Rights Site

If you are considering joining a site which supplies private label content such as articles or reports, here are 3 situations where you should think twice: 1. If you're not earning good income from the other content sites you've joined Have you joined more than one of Nicheology, NichePD, Push Button Health, The Lost Files, or any of the other public-domain / private label sites that have appeared recently? Are you paying the $24.95 a month for InfoGoRound instead of submitting one additional article a month to get a refund on that payment? Are your memberships costing you more than you're making each month? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then DON'T join the latest site. Or join, but cancel enough of the others that you end up spending less money each month.

If you remain a member of all those sites and then add one more, you'll just end up spending more money in the HOPE of making more. But if you can't generate income from the money you're spending now, how is throwing more money at it going to help???? 2. If you've not fully-utilised the other sites that you've joined OK, maybe you're making some money by using the content from one of the other public-domain / private label sites.

But are you using all the content that you can? If not, go back and use the unused content, rather than getting even more content which you won't use. You might sell the reports via pay-per-click ads, or split them into articles which you post to a blog, or add your own content to sell them to multiple niches. Whatever. Just make sure that you get every penny you can out of one site each month before you join any more.

3. If you believe the hype If you've fallen for a good sales page, don't join. Not unless you can back it up with a good business plan. And, before you ask, NO: "Split the report into multiple pages, add Adsense, and hope for the best" is NOT a business plan. Answer questions like the following: * Where's your back-end income coming from? * Can you write, find, or buy enough new original content to keep on providing quality information to your subscribers inbetween the hundreds of ads you intend to send them? * How can you use the products to create or enhance a community of people to help maintain long-term traffic to your site(s) - even after the search engines have dropped you like a ton of bricks for using too much duplicate content? * What daily steps will you be taking, in accordance with your *long-term* strategy, to USE this content and generate subscribers and income? If you fall into any of these groups, then you're wasting valuable money and even more valuable time.

Decide what you want, decide how you're going to do it, and TAKE ACTION. FOCUS! Find something that you can do with one private label site, work it till you are generating income to pay for your expenses and some extra profit, and repeat it. If you can't repeat it, then make sure it's self-sustaining and THEN move onto something else.

Stop joining every trend that comes your way. Copyright 2005. Andrew Peacock.

Of course, if you are looking for private label content, the next question is which of the many sites you should join. Before splashing out money on joining a site, compare them side-by-side at http://www.privatelabelmatrix.com

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