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Spy Gadgets in Movies Come to Real Life

We have all been amazed by the spy gadgets of famous movies and TV shows. Movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible and heck, even the cartoon Inspector Gadget show us the creativity of the human mind. But do these spy gadgets really exist and is the technology available to the general public? One of the most common scenes in movies and tv shows for going undercover is wiring up individuals for video and audio capture. Spy gadgets are routinely used by the police and private detectives for surveillance work. Here's a list of common spy gadgets that really do exist and can be found in most home surveillance stores or that can be bought online: Spy Button Cameras Seriously, have you ever thought about where the camera goes when someone is being wired for video surveillance? There are cameras that have been miniaturized to be placed in buttons! These pinhole cameras are perfect for surveillance technology.

Spy Tie Cameras Along the same lines of button cameras, there are spy tie cameras. The key to being successful in covert surveillance is being discreet and blending in. These tie cameras fit the bill on the occasions where dressing up is required. James Bond would be proud. Cameras in your clothing and accessories are pretty common but the button and tie cameras are a notch above the stereotypical cameras in hats or glasses that people think about when doing video surveillance work.

You can get even more creative with the items below. Hidden Cameras in Everyday Objects Having cameras in common objects where no one suspects it is vital to covert surveillance. Some very handy portable hidden camera options include those found in pens, lighters and cellphones. The great thing about these items is the fact that they are small, wireless and portable; you can place them nonchalantly anywhere, on any surface and they would go unnoticed. Hidden Surveillance Cameras for Home The items named above are used more for external field work. However, there are hidden cameras designed specifically for home surveillance as well.

Perhaps you need to check up on the hired help, maybe you need to confirm your suspicions on a cheating spouse, or you need to know what your kid is doing while you're away for the weekend. Whatever the reason, you can get cameras disguised in potted plants, smoke detectors, lamps and screw nails. As you can see, spy cameras come in all sorts of interesting objects.

Now you know that it isn't only in the movies!.

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