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With so many changes taking place to the way Google is working, it has become increasingly difficult for search engine optimizers to figure out which links to consider, and which ones to not pursue, in fact link building is becoming an increasingly tedious and time consuming task, so much so that even search engine optimisers have started turning to third party firms to carry out their link building. Today there is just one option that is still safe and secure when it comes to link building, that is using directories. Directories are usually human edited and are categorised based on either the type of website, or the content the website is related to. It has become essential for search engine optimizers to know which directories to register with and which ones to ignore, even directories have their hierarchy based on their importance and their importance with Google, there are so many directories online today, that even Google has been forced to keep checks on which websites are actually genuine directory submission sites, and which ones are just a way of selling high page rank links. In fact the same applies for search engine optimizers, they have to keep a tab of which directories they can trust, and work with; and which ones are no longer in the good graces of Google.

There is a simple thumb rule when it comes to directory submissions, search engine optimizers prefer going with human edited directory services, not only do the directory editors have the best category in mind, it also means the directory service means business as they have invested in an editorial staff. Before a webmaster submits a site with any directory submission service, the webmaster must keep the following things in mind: a) Check the credibility of the web directory, and makes sure that it has been around for a couple of years or so, newer directories can have high page ranks, and can offer good links to search engine optimizers, but without verifying how credible the directory is, it would be rather pointless spending money on the directory submission, and later realising that the site has been blacklisted by Google, or Yahoo. b)Make sure that the page rank of the category being targeting is high and not the page rank of the entire web site; this is a common error search engine optimizers make, they assume that since a directory's home page has high page rank it will automatically mean that entire site will have a high page rank this is not always true. List of top directories on the internet Yahoo Directory Apart from DMOZ the only other directory that is really important is the Yahoo directory, a webmaster has to consider submission with the Yahoo directory, in fact many webmasters have openly criticized the fact that yahoo actually charges an exorbitant $299 for submitting commercial or even semi-commercial sites in its directory.

Sure Yahoo has a free of charge submission option as well, but it can take up to 3-4 months for a link to show up, and even then there is not guarantee that a site will be accepted. That is exactly why webmasters feel that the $299 is nothing short of blackmail, whatever may be said, there is no denying that Yahoo Directory submission is second only to DMOZ submission, and any serious search engine optimization effort has to consider Yahoo directory submission.

Ahmad Mobark Bajeaifir the author of this article on Top Directories Rankingss. Find more information about top ranking directories here.

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