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We Made Yahoo Number One

They specialize, on having it all. It's either doing well in one part of the whole, or aiming for completeness. Yahoo managed to set up its hologram and fill it in, in a balanced fashion multi-faceted, simultaneously just like an organic being. All its parts function, all at one time, covering every aspect of Internet presence and marketing.

There was no chance left to failure, for all was taken into consideration at any given time. They first built a foundation upon expertise, later infusing it with proportionately expanding creative mechanisms, mostly adhering to known business aspects and common sense for advancement. Just as a profitable business model needs be. Can this be replicated? Surely, just as a human can be nearly replicated through 'generation', another project could succeed. However, this project could not take the place of Yahoo, for that space is occupied just fine.

A new project aiming at completeness would have to be something with a higher abstract idea, something with a higher aim than just Internet presence and marketing, and most of all, this new project would have to show humanity pioneering ways of 'overcoming' their current dilemma and not just better ways of 'managing' it, or escaping from it, while using this Internet media in depth. Can this new project be described? Yes, it will be utilizing high technology to prove that technology is unnecessary, while facilitating access to real power to all of human-kind. First, let me assure you, that this project is under way.

Its details will be accessible to its members only via the usual log-in first, or you don't exist. Yahoo is my pet peeve. On one hand I respect them for their services and the way they accomplished their all-round business so well. Then, there is the other hand.

Since 1997, I have applied to be listed by Yahoo? I truly felt that rejection each time. It's now obvious. No regular human is able to accept the term "Entrepreneurial End-time Church". It just cannot be categorized, labeled, or controlled. So, the only way I have of justifying and redeeming my purpose is to win the game, permanently. At this point, I will only reveal 3 additional distinct Differences between the old (yahoo-model) and the new (macro-model).

(1- Pioneering, in order to 'overcome'.) 2- Single-Mindedly focused on progress downward, as in bringing the 'macro-cosmos' upon the 'micro-cosmos', superseding what is with the highest abstract idea and uniquely combining authentic prophecy wisdom, entrepreneurial know-how and Internet savvy as symbolisms for the new, never before, to come. 3- Unifying the progressive vs.

buying the talented, offering true spiritual power vs. paper or plastic, giving in order to give, not to receive, because of finished mindset. 4- Accomplishing the task by silent power-action from behind the scenes, out-focusing, as opposed to loud media circus, shouting, overriding, out-doing and gambling casino methods that have obviously become less and less effective, (for it is ever harder to get a financial statement from a casino). This new project is the new strong and silent type. The person of few words that always cut to the chase and never fail.

This does not need any allies other than the one supply of power. It has already been promised victory in ancient literature. What is the prize for those who join in? To overcome death and live as Kings and Queens on earth, starting soon.

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