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Website Design For Real Estate Avoid These Costly Mistakes

For those in the real estate business, having an online presence is a must. From being able to contact and interact with potential buyers and sellers to showcasing the properties you have available, the quality and effectiveness of your website design can have a major impact on the success of your business. Unfortunately many realtor's websites do not project a professional image. Here are a few tips to make certain the website design for your real estate agency helps add to your bottom line. Tip Number One: Make sure your home page is clean and fast loading. Your home page is the first page most of your clients will see.

Make certain to make a good first impression. Your home page should have a clean layout and very few graphics. This will allow the page to load fast.

Especially in this day of high-speed internet access, there's nothing that says "unprofessional" like a slow-loading web-page. On the same note, make sure the company that is hosting your website provides you with a fast enough server for your site. If you haven't chosen a hosting provider yet, be sure to ask potential hosts to give you links to other sites on their servers. You can then check to see how fast these sites load.

As far as content goes, you first page should include a message about your real estate company - focusing on the benefits that you provide the customer. You should also include your contact information. Make certain to have your website designer include a contact form on your website so people can get in touch with you directly through the site.

You home page should also include easy navigation to the other sections of your website. Make the links to the other sections very descriptive so surfers can find their way to what they are looking for fast. Do not try to fill your home page up with photos and descriptions of all your latest listings.

Instead, place a simple text or text and small image link to that section of your site. Tip Number Two: Keep your website theme constant throughout the site. Your real estate web site may be composed of several different sections. For example, some real estate websites have one system running to showcase multiples listings, a blog integrated into their site to keep customers up-to-date on the latest news, and often several regular pages describing the city or town the agency is located in. Because each of these sections may have been created with different programs, the color schemes and fonts may not match. Be sure to have your website design company make the theme match as much as possible throughout the site.

This may be as simple as creating a header image for the top of every page in the site, to a more complicated customizing of the style-sheets to create a completely integrated theme for the entire site. Tip Number Three: Keep your real estate web listings up to date. Imagine a potential client coming across one of your listings on your website and deciding it's the perfect place for them, only to call and find out it was already sold or rented days or weeks ago. You've likely just lost the chance to ever do business with that person. To prevent this from happening, make certain someone on your staff is responsible for keeping all the listings on your website always up-to-date. Depending on the program used to manage the listings section of your website, this might require some extra training to make sure whoever is responsible can perform these updates as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The investment in time and training will certainly be worth it though. By taking these tips into consideration, you should be able to better communicate with your website designer about your real estate site. This will help ensure you are able to project a professional image online too, increasing your marketing reach and your bottom line.

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