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What can you use free web sites for

Free webhosting options Setting up a free website is very easy once you have done all the research and found out where to get the best free webhosting companies. These free hosting companies offer you a choice of various templates that will allow you to set up your own website for personal or business needs. The way this works is that you will receive a sub domain on their server, so you can then make your website name.

thehost.net for example. If you do want to have a specific website name without another company behind it, then you can also find many free domains being offered. This will allow you to have a co.

tl or co.cc domain. The URL will just be forwarded to your free web sites. Some web hosting companies will also offer a free webhosting services for a specified time if you register your domain with them. This is also a great opportunity that you can take advantage of and will be perfect if you have a specific look that you want to achieve but you don't have the capital outlay just yet. Some of these offers will require an upfront payment however that you can claim back if you no longer want to use their services.

Setting up a free website on a free hosting site can be more restrictive as you will get site builder software with free templates to use to make your free web site. While these are easy to use most of the time, you do get some that are quite involved and where you will need to research a bit more about PHP scripts and adding link URLs etc. You will have to do some searching on webhosting directories in order to find the perfect free webhosting company for your business or personal needs and depending on your experience and level of internet and scripting knowledge you can also choose from basic to advanced editors and site builders. Setting up a free website that offers all the same features of a paid hosting site is also possible if you find the right company, but you may be wondering how they make money. Well, they do this with advertising and generally you will get a free site, but it will have pop up or banner ads all over it.

Some companies you will find don't put any sort of advertising or banners on your site, but they might ask you to click or sign up for various offers during your sign up process and some may even sell your email address to 3rd parties as a form of advertising. Some of the web hosting services will also require that to receive your free web site you need to post on their forums every so often. This is why it is very important to read your terms of service and all the fine print there is before using certain free webhosting services to make sure that you know exactly what are you getting and what you have to do to take advantage of using free webhosting.

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