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Youtube Clones Video Sharing Scripts

There are several choices with prices ranging from free to almost $1000.00 however it all boils down to the specific features you want. Of course all the scripts require ffmpeg hosting support before you even start looking for a script. Most features are common with all the scripts out there, but one or two stand out in terms of that extra feature to make your website stand out from the crowd. Below is an in-depth analysis & comparison table on some features that may be of interest to you. So how do you start a Youtube style Video Sharing Site? It's simple as 1-2-3! 1) Choose one of the video sharing scripts below 2) Choose a hosting company (PHPMotion auto-installer included @ CirtexHosting) 3) Customize and Setup your Youtube Clone and you're LIVE! Below are brief descriptions of each video sharing scripts.

Clipshare Hosting With ClipShare, now you're limited only by your imagination, not by the software! Unleash the power of video sharing to boost your websites' traffic & revenues! With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate solution for starting your video sharing and uploading community website just like the big boys: Youtube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, LiveVideo, Vimeo, MySpace Videos or Google Video. Attachmax Hosting Attachmax allows you to run your very own youtube Video Community site, just like popular Videos sites such as youtube, dailymotion and revver. Additionally Attachmax includes the ability for Images and Files, following the trend of other popular File Sharing communities such as Imageshack and Rapidshare. So not only do you get a fully functional Video Script, but a complete File Sharing Website. Rayzz Hosting Life is a movie. You are the Producer, We write the Script! Ready for Rayzz? Agriya's original approach to video sharing, Rayzz 2.

0, is now stuffed full with even more exciting features for webmasters to enjoy! High quality video broadcasting combined with social networking and community features make this script a must to build your own video sharing website. AlstraSoft VideoShare Hosting AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise is the ultimate solution for starting your video sharing and uploading community just like the big boys such as Youtube, DailyMotion and MySpace Videos and what's more we now allow your members to share Audio and Photos as well. Video Share is our enterprise level audio, photo and video sharing software that offers a powerful and feature rich solution and most important of all, at an extremely affordable price. Vshare Hosting YouTube Clone Script allow you to run your own video sharing portal.

Visitors will be able to upload video to your web site, view existing video, comment on video, share video with others. OsTube Hosting osTube is the first content management system for media contents (MCMS) - a basic framework for creating websites similar to YouTube, Veoh, and Revver. After the successful release of osTube 1.

0, 1.1 and 2.0 we have just published the brand new 2.1 version of osTube - a quantum leap in player-functionality and CMS-scalability.

PHPMotion Hosting So just what is PHPmotion anyway? - PHPmotion is a free video sharing software that now also have support for audio/mp3 sharing. Our application that will allow you to create and run your very own video sharing website. With very little knowledge required you can now have website just like youtube.com and dailymotion.com and best of all, its 100% free to download and use. AdQuick - Adbrite Clone Hosting AdQuick 2.

0 allows you to run your own ad network similar to websites such adbrite.com, adengage.com and adster.com. AdQuick 2.

0 will allow you to bring together advertisers and publishers, and you the script owner will take a cut from every ad sold through your adbrite clone website.

Founded in early 2003, Cirtex Corp has been providing professional, affordable and quality web hosting services to users all around the globe. Here at Cirtex Corp, we offer everything larger companies do and even more, but for only a fraction of the cost. Learn more about Youtube Clones & Video Sharing Scripts.

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