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Dallas Chat


Dallas (214) 414-0075

El Paso (915) 307-9968

Arlington (682) 227-6043

Austin (512) 652-9701

Corpus Christi (361) 249-9067

San Antonio (210) 515-4834

Houston (832) 308-3325

Complete Dallas Chat Lines list...

Dallas (214) 764-9990

Arlington (817) 719-9990

Austin (512) 351-4421

Carrollton (469) 546-9990

Denton (940) 239-9990

El Paso (915) 613-1768

Lewisville (469) 645-9990

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    100% Free Dallas Chat Line

100% free Dallas chat can mean a lot of things and isn't what it used to be. If you said that you were chatting on a Dallas chat line a decade ago it meant that you were chatting on a phone sex line. Today it can mean many things as there are many types of chat both online and off.

Chat can mean texting in an online chatroom, chatting live on a phone chat line, joining an online personals site, mobile chat texting and several other modes and methods of chat.

Chat can be both online or offline, however one of the more popular forms of chat today is live phone chat. Callers call into a system where they can record a message for others to hear while they are on the phone. They can then listen to messages of others that are live on the phone. They can exchange messages or request a live connection with the other members on the system. They can even block others from sending them message or flag callers so that the monitors can kick offenders off the system.

On most systems you messages and live conversations are not monitored. The only thing that is monitored is the greetings that others leave or send you.

This can be a lot of fun and on some phone chat systems there are dozens or hundreds of people on the system to chat with. If you don't want to stay on the phone and send messages back and forth you can also leave what's called a Voice Personal message that others will hear when you aren't on the phone. Later you can call back any time of the day or night and see if any other members have left you a message.

The beauty of these systems is that they are anonymous. You don't have to give out your phone number or personal info until you are ready to chat off-system with someone.

There is so much in a voice. By chatting with someone you can get a great idea of what kind of person they are before ever meeting them. This saves a lot of time when it comes to the dating game.

Dallas has some great phone chat lines and so do many other cities in Texas such as Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth as well.

Dallas Texas Chat

Dallas Chat - Fun Dallas phone chat lines

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